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Josh’s Bit

For the badge work this week, we worked on the media and PR badge. What we did for this was we had to write on notes some good reasons as to why we should join scouts.  Once we had done that, we recorded each group saying their own reasons using a microphone.  This relates to the badge because we recorded our voices which is linked with media.

I enjoyed this exercise because it gave us a chance to express our voices.  I learned, during this experience, that you can add backing music to your voices to make it sound better, which was another thing that I enjoyed about this experience.

After that, we played a fun game of quaterball.  This was fun as there was four different groups which each had to work together to clear the ball out of their quarter.

In the coming weeks we will be doing more work on the badge and the thing I am most looking forward to is to produce and give a presentation about scouting.  What we have to do, is use audio and visual media and think about how we can make this relevant to people who are not involved in scouting.

Alongside the badge work, I am also looking forward to going on different camps and making new friends along the way.

Thank you for giving up your time to read my blog

Joshua B

Max’s Bit

After we played a game of quarter ball, the leaders started calling groups up to record our Scouts advertisement that we’d typed up on notes. We then started playing a different game since it was only one group at a time.

The way you played the new game was to put some keys underneath a person on a chair, then somebody would get someone else to go and try and get the keys but if the person points at them they will be out.  

We started doing something else after the game were we set up obstacles and one of us had to put on a blind fold, they were three left so two guided the blindfolded person by giving directions to pass though the course with the third person making sure that the blind folded person was safe. After we all done are recordings, we did the flag and went home.     

I am looking forward to doing more things with Scouts.

Max B

The completed adverts!