Lockdown Activities

Update 27th June

Some more things I have found. And enjoyed recently.

Online Navigation Badge

We have found a website to earn your scouting navigation badge lvl3.


This course is free and made up of 9 modules. Each module is signed off with a small test and you get a certificate. Save the certificates at each point and send them back to us, then this will get you the navigation badge. I would suggest save as PDF and email them to us.
An account will need to be set up with the company to access the modules and I should think that this will be linked to the name on the certificate.


This is a game based on Google maps.

You get placed somewhere on google street view and have to put a pin in the map as close as you think.
You can only have one go a day unless you subscribe. and you get 5 different games in this one go.
And you can choose whether you want to do famous places or UK places amongst others.
I would recommend the UK places as one, I have found that if you navigate down the road in one direction until you see some street signs or places you recognise then this gives you a method of navigating back to the exact place. The idea is that if you start from a place you are sure you know then you can navigate backwards until you get to your starting point by following the road you came in on. For example if you start on the east lancs at a random place and can navigate to Starbucks then assuming you can find Starbucks on the bigger google map then to navigate backwards to your starting point isn’t that difficult, ie go past a bridge and the through a junctions. Look for clues on your way from the street view pictures.

Also using the famous places game get you to see famous places round the world. In this game I have used google separately to home in on the country.
In one game we landed in a Spanish castle and had to find out which city the castle was in, from there we had to work out which courtyard we were in.

In another particularly difficult game we were placed on the Colorado river somewhere just outside of the Grand Canyon. My best guess was still a few hundred KM away.

Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas

If you have not heard of Las Vegas it is a big city in America in the middle of the desert, it has a rich history.
One of the things it is famous for are massive hotels and they are really big, one of these hotels is called the Bellagio Hotel.
The Bellagio Hotel is famous for its dancing fountains. The fountains dance to the music and there are many tunes that they dance to. The link below is to Uptown Funk, but there are many more.


Introduction (From Last Post)

Most of you on our recent call had nothing to report about thing you have done. I am sure this is not the case and don’t want you to miss the point. During these times life has slowed down a lot for a great many people and I feel that now is an ideal opportunity to try new things while the normal busy lifestyles are not there and time is waiting to be filled.
You should be trying out things and most of learning what you perhaps don’t like. It is only by getting things wrong that we get them right.
James Watt when asked about inventing the lightbulb gave the answer I have not failed thousands of times I have discovered how not to do it a thousand ways.
It is only by looking at things differently that we can change and learn. For example if tomorrow we could go back to “normal” life would you change anything, and I hope the answer is yes. Not everything and necessarily the whole thing but parts of it.
Would you change what we do/how we do Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for example? What would that be?

Also don’t think of things as “I’ve done this and done that”. Make it “I HAVE done this”. Be proud and shout about it.

These are mostly my musings and will have a number of links to follow to get help and support trying to do them. Remember to take pictures as a memory while doing them, and you can, if you want, share them at any point on our calls. Also you could get the pictures printed and make a scrap book about it, think about it your children and grandchildren will be learning about these days in their history lessons don’t believe me? I bet you have heard of Spanish Flu. Also I aim to update this page with ideas as I come across them. So check back often.

It seems to me that at the moment a large number of you have time on your hands and trying something and even deciding it is not for you is fine.

The main thing I like to think is to think big, scaling them down will come as you think how to make it work.

There are 3 types of fun
Type 1: Fun while doing the activity
Type 2: Doing something that is difficult but looking back it was fun.
Type 3: Looking at something that is difficult and thinking lets do something else fun.

There are some ideas below that I hope gives you some inspiration to try something.

A few words of warning that I can try to explain as myself, a parent.

  • Don’t mither your parents if you require their support, this is unlikely to get it done faster. Also don’t ask if it is something you can actually complete yourself, just check they allow you to do it.
  • If you require their time then helping them create time might mean you get it for yourself. For example if they spend an hour a week tidying rooms in the house, if you can help them save that time you might find you can have some of it.
  • If you need to buy anything gain don’t either, money does not just exist your parents work hard for it. there are many ways to get things done cheaper, you don’t have to buy the most expensive and also shop around. Remember ingredients normally come in much larger quantities that you will actually need, try to group ingredients together.

Also I aim to update this page with ideas as I come across them. So check back often.

Pizza Bases

You can make your own pizza dough from the recipe below, or buy “just add water” dough.


Some passata tomato and cheese, will make your margarita pizza, but then look for topping you like.
If you find making dough easy after a while, make bread/bread rolls using the same recipe. Once you have done this move to professional level and try to make sour dough, very easy.

Arm Pit Fudge

Some of you asked for the recipe, I am not sure there is a definitive recipe but this looks good to me. I also think that you could change the vanilla essence and try other flavours, perhaps orange, strawberry would go well with the chocolate.

Eat something different.

I don’t like celery, never have, but I have discovered I quite like celery soup. Try cooking something you do/don’t like in a different way/add different flavours to it.
For example if you like potatoes, have you tried minted potatoes? just add some fresh mint.

If you like or don’t like tea/coffee.

  • try adding sugar so see if that changes your mind, don’t add too much, it will become bad for you but one or two as a trial might work for you
  • Have you tried Iced Tea? Adding different fruits can change the flavour. Iced tea and sparkling water?
  • https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/citrus-iced-tea
  • Have you tried Iced Coffee?
  • https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/iced-coffee

Crosswords and Ancient Greek

I have always liked doing crosswords. Many clues involve moons of various planets.
I have always enjoyed stories of Ancient Greek myths, but didn’t know many, jut a few well known ones, Helen of Troy for example, but wanted to know more.
I started to listen to podcasts about ancient history and then have bought a book about Greek Gods. If you read Percy Jackson for example many of these tales use the same names. Also some of the funny sounding unpronounceable words from Harry Potter are Greek, although some are latin as well.