Navigation at The Dream

Today we went to The Dream to practise our navigation skills. We met at the King George V car park for a 2 hour walk and practise.

We learnt to use a compass to understand what direction North is.
Then we set our maps to North so that we could understand which direction to walk in.

The first path was straight and we gave them this to understand where they had started and realise where they would end up.
Then we set off to find some locations. We had pre-planned locations and let them navigate themselves to these locations
The young people had to find their own way to get there using any of the paths, but to understand how they might move about and still understand their location.
Although if you go to far you can miss things, and get it wrong.
You can’t beat a good stick while out walking. And sometimes the fun is just being outside.
The lure is also discovering thing you didn’t know existed and making the most of the occasion.